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 Professional Double Backer Card Trick Magic Poker Skills And Techniques

Our company specializes in manufacturing all kinds of cheating devices for all forms of gambling, including poker games, Mahjong games, dice games and domino games. In addition to gambling cheating devices, our company also sells professional poker skills and techniques. Her in this article, we focus on the Double Backer Card Trick.

The use of double backer:

Ever wondered what you can do using the double backer (DB) card that comes with most decks now a days? Using a DB you can transform two cards into one card right in your spectators hands!

A DB is a card with a backing design on both sides of the card.. This version is the same design on both sides.. Bicycle do create these gimmick cards and you can buy them at most respectable magic shops.

What is the Double Backer Card Trick:

Its a very elegant trick where the spectator will see two cards become one.. it might be something to develop in the future is to force the king and queen of hearts onto the spectators especially if they are a couple.

The set up is quite easy with the double back on the top of the deck and there the two selected cards (KH/QH) are placed on the top. Follow the patter from White Art Magic closely as you will not find a better performance out there with his trick.

Remember that practicing a trick until you can perform it perfectly before you show the lay people of the world.

A piece of advice:

We believe in filming ourselves or performing it in front of a mirror so we can see for ourselves how we look when we perform a particular trick.If you have a friend who is into magic, let him watch you and give you positive feedback and criticism.

For your information:

We have professional poker players to teach customers poker skills and techniques. So, if you are interested in learning from our poker experts, welcome to contact us!


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